wählbar für Schüler der 12. oder 13. Klassen aller Ausbildungsrichtungen
Umfang/Dauer Die Unterrichtsinhalte in diesem Fach werden innerhalb eines Schuljahres vermittelt. Sowohl Schüler der 12. Klassen als auch Schüler der 13. Klassen können einmalig dieses Wahlpflichtfach belegen.
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Are you into reading, especially in English? Then this course could be for you.

We will read at least one complete novel as well as various literary extracts that revolve around the following issues:

  • Who am I? Individual Challenges and the Quest for Identity.
  • Utopia, Dystopia, Reality?


While reading you will acquire the following skills:

  • get acquainted with different cultures and mindsets
  • use the text to reflect upon your own life, gain new insights and change perspectives
  • use different reading techniques and learn how to approach a text
  • analyse the structure of a text (its plot and subplots) and key scenes
  • assess the way the characters behave and their motivation
  • learn to understand and use new language expressions, idioms, phrases, and structures
  • analyse the movie realisation of the novel with the help of different criteria to find differences and parallelism
Besondere Hinweise This course will be taught in English. The reading material has to be acquired by the students themselves.
Leistungsnachweise Eine mündliche Note und eine Kurzarbeit pro Halbjahr
Lehrplanlink http://www.lehrplanplus.bayern.de/fachlehrplan/fos/12/ebc
Ansprechpartner/Fachbetreuer Frau Hanka