wählbar für Schüler der 12. oder 13. Klassen aller Ausbildungsrichtungen
Umfang/Dauer Die Unterrichtsinhalte in diesem Fach werden innerhalb eines Schuljahres vermittelt. Sowohl Schüler der 12. Klassen als auch Schüler der 13. Klassen können einmalig dieses Wahlpflichtfach belegen.
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Beschreibung In the INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS STUDIES course, you will…

  • learn the basic dos and don´ts on how to survive on the international labour market.
  • take action and develop core competences in the field of human resource motivation.
  • conduct the market launch for the product of an international company

In the first part of this course, you will be guided through a complete job application procedure. This includes presenting yourself to potential international employers by using traditional methods, like writing covering letters, and CVs in English, but also creating a convincing profile – that best represents your skills and experiences for an online career platform (e.g. XING, LinkedIn, etc.).


You will also take part in an assessment centre training programme and learn how to deal with stressful situations in a job interview in which you will be taking part, using adequate coping strategies.


Analysing the benefits of financial and non-financial rewards, learning more about different leadership styles and their effect on the company´s output and productivity, together with staying cool in conflict situations in a multilingual surrounding are the keywords that best describe the second part of your course.


There, your main goal will be to develop measures to enhance the motivation of employees in an internationally operating company. In the end, you will present your findings to company officials.


Last but not least, you will have the chance to accompany the launch of a real product of an international company, starting with market research, making smart product decisions, developing pricing and promotion strategies and finally by coming up with clever placing decisions.


Your final presentation in front of the company´s executive board will be the highlight of your time in the INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS STUDIES course!

Besondere Hinweise This course will be taught in English and German.
Leistungsnachweise Eine mündliche Note und eine Kurzarbeit pro Halbjahr
Lehrplanlink http://www.lehrplanplus.bayern.de/fachlehrplan/fos/12/isb/pflicht-iw
Ansprechpartner/Fachbetreuer Herr Gailhofer